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How does a virtual gift card work?
E-cards may take upto 48 hours for email delivery as they will be subject to payment confirmation and processing.
We send three emails, a shipping Confirmation email, a stored value card number. There are no shipping charges for a virtual card. Check your spam filter for your gift card as it may have been delivered there.
How do I send a virtual gift card to my friend?
At check out enter your billing information; then choose a different mailing address than your billing address.
Why is the promotion/source code not being applied to the order?
The promotion/source code being used may have expired. It it's a current code and still not applying the offer, you may want to clear your browser's cookies.
Why am I paying tax on freight?
State tax regulations require that we collect tax on shipping and handling where applicable. All sales taxes that are collected are paid to the state where tax is collected and merchandise has shipped.
How do I return something?
Please fill out the back of the invoice noting the item you're returning and reason why. To ensure you receive your exchange request (as stock may sell through) we recommend placing a new order right away. The availability of items can change quickly.
Why did I only receive a gift box when I paid for gift wrapping and expected a wrapped gift?
Bliss gift-wrapping (just as described on our catalog order form and website) is a more modern version of the traditional 'wrap', and includes exactly what you've received: our signature shiny blue bliss-logo gift box with tissue paper, and a gift card that includes a personalized note from you, if you requested it. We won't be offended if you feel like you have to add a bow, we've just found that bows don't always travel well in shipping boxes.
How do I care for my Softening Socks/Glamour Gloves?
In keeping with our stress-free beauty credo, caring for your Glamour Gloves and Socks is easy. To keep your gloves or socks clean and fresh, simply turn them inside out after each use, wipe them down with a cold wet sponge, lay them flat to dry, and dust a little bit of baby powder or corn starch on them to eliminate sticking. If properly cared for, your Glamour Gloves and Softening Socks should last through 50 uses before they require replacement. NOTE: DO NOT microwave your gloves or socks (they are not food), and DO NOT throw them in the washing machine or a tumble dryer (they aren't real clothes).
I received an email confirmation, why was my order not processed?
We're sorry to say, but even obsessive-compulsive beauty geeks like us sometimes experience computer glitches. (And no, it's not because we're sitting around, painting our nails.) We, like any technology-dependent company, have the odd 'crash', the random 'black hole', and the occasional printer paper debacle. If we do discover that we have a problem processing your order (and we hope that we'll discover it before you discover it), we will send an email to explain what happened, and let you know what your options are. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that an unprocessed order might cause.
Why does it take so long to process a return if I pay extra to send my return by FedEx or UPS?
In the Bliss Warehouse, product returns are processed on a weekly basis, so that we can have our 'swap' specialists take care of every package personally. (We want to understand what you returned, why you returned it, the reason you didn't want it...)

If for some reason you do need a return processed right away, you can contact Customer SerBliss, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request. (Of course, if we haven't yet received your return, we won't be able to credit it back to your card.) If you are in a rush for an item you wanted as an exchange, your best bet is to place a new order with us for the item in question, knowing that your returned item will be credited once we process the received package.
What if not all of the items I want are backordered?
If your order contains both in-stock and backordered items, the in-stock items will ship first (we know a bit of beauty is better than no beauty at all), and the backordered item(s) will ship as they become available. And of course, because the blame for backordered item(s) falls squarely on our super-soft shoulders, you'll only pay one shipping fee for orders sent in multiple shipments.
Why do I receive catalogs when I have requested to be removed from your mailing list?
We're so sorry (and we swear, we're not catalog stalkers). Our mailing list requests are processed and updated once per month, and our catalogs are often printed and addressed a month in advance, so it's possible that you may receive one or two residual catalogs after your initial request to be removed. If you really dread our catalog, we won't blame you for using it as fireplace kindling.
Why is my birthday discount not noted on my invoice?
Forget your birthday? We'd sooner stroll on the beach in Boca Raton 'sans' sunscreen. If you want to see how much you've saved by splurging during your birth month, look for your birthday discount noted on the invoice by line item. If you do the math, you'll notice that your discount is reflected in the reduced merchandise total.

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