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My razor happens to be sitting in the next room.
Why should I book a waxing appointment?

When it comes to scoring your most flaunt-worthy skin, it's hard for quick-n'-dirty bathroom shave to live up to the benefits of a session with the pros. When you cut hair bluntly, it grows back quickly, thickly (and prickly!). It can also lead to ingrown hairs, unbecoming bumps, razor burn and, well, you know the drill. On the other hand, waxing pulls hair from the root, allowing slower, finer, softer re-growth for smooth, longer-lasting results. Some things are just better left to the experts!
Fair enough. So, why wax at Bliss?
Not to brag, but our 'wax'-pertise sets us apart from the rest of the pack. In addition to every last Bliss waxing technician having undergone our version of hair-banishing boot camp, they've got the 'painless-as-possible' thing down to a science. Another differentiator: our world-famous wonder wax. It grips hair, not skin, so you'll find significantly less cause to squirm. (Don't worry, sensitive-skinned guests—we've got you covered, too, with tailored treatments for every body.)
With all your visitors, is waxing, em, sanitary?
Trust us: We're all about squeaky clean living here at Bliss. All of our specialists don gloves before working their magic, and when it comes to double-dipping, we just say NO. (It might be passable at dinner with your friends, but definitely not here at our spas.) That means our wax stays fresh and germfree. In other words, fear not: You'll never have to worry about sharing.
How often do people normally wax?
We suggest waxing at least every four weeks, but everyone's needs are different. For best results, your hair should ideally be 1/4" in length before an appointment.
What should I do for upkeep between waxes?
To prevent ingrown hairs, scrub yourself down with any Bliss exfoliant the day after your wax. Follow up with daily doses of our Ingrown Eliminating Pads.
I can't help but feel a little weird about someone seeing my...
'down there' during a bikini wax. What can I expect?

Don't worry—we've seen it all. (Trust us.) Like your doctor or any other specialist, our technicians are completely professional and 100% unfazed by you. In terms of procedure, you'll receive a hygienic wipe and disposable underwear before your wax, adding modicum of modesty. As for your downstairs 'do, that's totally up to you!

For her: A basic bikini wax removes any hair from the edges that would peek out of a standard bikini bottom. A betweeny™ wax brings those edges in even further and takes a little off the top. A brazilian wax is the barest of them all, removing everything underneath, behind and most (if not all) of the front.

For him: You can landscape around the edges or go completely bare with The Ultimate He-Wax, which removes all the hair from the pubic region, both front and back.


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