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'homme' improvement®

This very virile version of our Triple Oxygen Facial includes a targeted peel, an energizing enzyme pack and three forms of skin-reviving oxygen. It's like a breath of fresh air for your face-literally.

75 min $170

the youth as we know it™

This turn-back-time treatment targets tone, elasticity, volume, fine lines and wrinkles with a gentle yet effective peel, extractions and a high-tech collagen mask to help you uncover the 'youth'.

60 min $195

blissage™75 / blissage™105

These mind-unwinding full-body massages both begin with a sole-soothing warm wax foot wrap, followed by a ridiculously relaxing rubdown designed to loosen you up and target your most troubled muscles. (We may have to peel you off the table when it's over.)

75 min $160 / 105 min $225

extreme sports massage

Whether you're sore from spin class or snowboarding, this mega-muscle relaxing massage pinpoints your most painful parts with a parafango pack, deep tissue work with a spasm-soothing oil, and application of an instant refreshing gel.

60 min $155 / 85 min $220

the hot salt scrub™

Looking for a super-stimulating smoothing session? You're getting warmer... This shoulder-to-shin rubdown softens skin with our self-heating, sinus-clearing rosemary and eucalyptus oil sea salt scrub, and finishes with a Vichy shower.

45 min $125

foot patrol® pedicure

Gives scary 'Franken-feet' a major overhaul with softening paraffin and added attention to callus buffing, sloughing and smoothing.

75 min $90

the love handler™

This serious spare-tire-tackling treatment combines vacuum-assisted massage, bloat-busting essential oils and a firming rubberizing mask wrap to target a not-so-hard 'core' area.

60 min $135

the manly-cure™

This 'macho man'-icure starts with a hot cream hand massage, follows with a cuticle-sprucing session, and finishes by buffing and shaping nails to perfection.

30 min $25

the 'sole' man pedicure

This foot treatment for the fellas includes soaking, de-roughing, clipping, trimming and buffing.

60 min $55

bliss stretch therapy

Powered by Stretch Zone®, this tailored treatment was created to help you shake off stress, increase circulation and deliver sweet, sweet relief to stiff, achy muscles. Our specially trained massage therapists will provide a 100% controlled and comfortable deep-stretching session that will leave you and your muscles feeling completely rejuvenated and brand-spanking new.

*Only available at Bliss Spa locations in NYC. This is not a massage. It is an assisted-stretch treatment that helps improve flexibility and energy flow. Clients should wear workout attire. Recommended in series for best results.

30 min $80 / 60 min $150

he-wax hair removal

brow $35 lower leg $40
nose $15 upper leg $65
ear $15 full leg $95
underarm $24 extra hair 'there' $15
half arm $35 cheeks $40
full arm $45 between the cheeks $40
chest $60 basic brief $35
stomach $25 ultimate he-wax $125
half back $35    
full back $70    

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Body treatments are not available at all Bliss locations. Please inquire at booking.
Also available as a quickbliss treatment at Bliss49
Not recommended for guests who are using retin-a, accutane, avage, tazorac, differin, have had recent laser or plastic surgery or are sunburned
We cannot perform this treatment on pregnant guests

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