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So, how does a spa facial complement
my at-home routine?

In addition to folks having a harder time guessing your age, facials come with a bevy of benefits. Professional extractions are the best way to remove pore impurities and minimize the look of pores. Facial massage stimulates blood flow, assisting with collagen production and helping provide lymphatic drainage that makes the skin appear firmer. Additionally, the removal of dead skin cells better helps your face absorb your skincare regimen. It all promotes younger, healthier-looking skin without surgery or fillers.
What exactly separates bliss facials from the rest?
Our spas are known for their combination of luxurious, transformative skincare and our signature sense of humor. The technicians are the warmest, most experienced team around, and our skincare options, whether they're exfoliants, peels or treatments, are customized for every guest's skin.
What's the most popular facial on your menu?
Our Triple Oxygen Facial has a huge fan base and delivers oxygen to the skin in three unique phases, helping to rid your face of bacteria and dead skin cells while providing nutrients, hydration and detoxification benefits. Not everyone knows how beneficial oxygen can be when it comes to countering bacteria from our polluted environment. Skin is left smooth, glowing and healthy: It's a true red carpet treatment for every skin type!
How often should one visit the spa for a pro facial?
We'd recommend stopping in every four to six weeks. If your schedule doesn't quite permit it, we'd advise visiting at least once a season to give your face the TLC it needs and prep it for the coming weather shifts.
Does Bliss offer facial treatments for the fellas?
Absolutely. Men have just as many issues with clogged pores, oily zones and sensitivity as women. They, too, benefit big-time from our services! We offer complimentary consultations for facials, so it's nice and easy for everyone to learn what would benefit their skin most.


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