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skinceuticals antioxidant lip repair 9ml
skinceuticals antioxidant lip repair 9ml SKU :SC-60Two powerful antioxidants, vitamin E and silymarin, form an exclusive combination antioxidant therapy for the lips. This powerful treatment helps prevent premature signs of aging, while restoring moisture and smoothing the surface of the lips. Medical research proves that combination therapy provides better protection from environmental aging, helping to shield the delicate lip area from UV light as well as environmental elements such as smoke and air pollution. Special botanical emollients hydrate and heal dry, cracked lips, while an AHA-free exfoliating complex accelerates cell renewal to smooth deep lip lines for full, healthy lips.

Why we love it
•Helps prevent premature signs of aging
•Restores moisture
•Accelerates cell renewal
•Smoothes lips without irritation
•Ideal for Accutane users

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about skinceuticals
It takes loads of R&D to hit the heights of advanced skincare. That''s why the folks at SkinCeuticals invest so heavily in the future of beauty. Their multidisciplinary tactic is to employ top scientists from cellular and molecular biology, chemistry and biophysics—they''ve even got a few dermatologists and plastic surgeons thrown in there—all to better understand the processes of skin aging, photo-aging and other epidermal conditions. Their three-fold mission is the prevention, protection and correction of skin damage, which is why their roster of experts includes so many ''peau'' pros.SkinCeuticals sets the standard in the cosmeceutical industry by using only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and devoting countless resources toward research at major medical institutions. Their brains, your gains.
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skinceuticals antioxidant lip repair 9ml

on 4/21/2014

They must have changed the formula since I last used it earlier this year. It did not give my lips the extra "fill" along the outline of my lips for the feathery fine lines. Based on this last purchase I would not re purchase since it appears the formula has been altered.

skinceuticals antioxidant lip repair 9ml

on 2/27/2012

I use this before going to bed and when I wake up I feel that the deep lines are less visible. But it does not help with hydration so during the day I still need to use other products.

skinceuticals antioxidant lip repair 9ml

on 8/20/2011

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