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la mer the hydrating infusion SKU :CRE-061You probably thought the effects of Crème de la Mer couldn’t get any more awe-inspiring—well, think again. When applied pre-Crème, this high-potency serum-like gel actually boosts its benefits, saturating skin with a heaping helping of hydration, smoothness and conditioning. You’ll ‘sea’ dryness disappear as it delivers vitamins, minerals, tourmaline and Hydrating Ferments, revealing a soft, healthy complexion that’s off-the-charts glowy. If your skin could say “aah,” it would after drinking in this dew.

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A high-potency treatment that boosts the transformational effects of Crème de la Mer. The Hydrating Infusion saturates the skin with hydration, smoothness and conditioning on demand.

Used with Crème de la Mer, the visible signs of damage are significantly reduced. Lines and wrinkles begin to fade from view. Dry complexions are replenished, feel soft, firm and smooth to the touch. A glowing appearance is revealed as skin’s look and feel take on a healthy new life.

The Hydrating Infusion’s vital ingredients-vitamins, minerals, tourmaline and Hydrating Ferments-are suspended within a serum-like gel network. This interactive sea gel works with exclusive Deconstructed Waters TM to deliver extraordinary activity on demand.
about la mer
More than forty years ago, a routine lab experiment exploded in aerospace physicist Max Huber's face, leaving him with severe chemical burns. Frustrated by the few remedies available, Dr. Huber went back into his lab, and twelve years and some 6,000 experiments later, Crème de La Mer was born. Its marine-based Miracle Broth™, distilled through a months-long process, is the secret to the Crème's skin-perfecting success. La Mer now boasts an entire line of age-erasing elixirs, and has become a luxe legend everywhere from Fire Island to Fiji.
After cleansing, sweep over face and neck with fingertips to prepare skin to receive treatment benefits to follow. Use twice a day for optimal skin conditioning and to boost the transformative effects of Crème de la Mer.
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la mer the hydrating infusion

on 10/15/2013

very pleased and highly recommend.

la mer the hydrating infusion

on 11/4/2012

Every time I use this stuff, my skin gets this beautiful glow without looking slimy or greasy. I use it after a long night out or a night without a lot of sleep. It's great for refreshing that youthful glow and it actually works.

la mer the hydrating infusion

on 1/28/2012

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