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la mer crème de la mer 2 oz
la mer crème de la mer 2 oz SKU :CRE-001Born from the sea, the skin-transforming power of Crème de la Mer has become the stuff of legend. In a short time, the rich cream improves firmness, makes lines, wrinkles and pores become less apparent, and delivers skin that looks virtually ageless. Featuring the nutrient-rich Miracle Broth™, the heart of La Mer’s profound powers of transformation, this ‘sea star’ immerses skin in moisture, soothes sensitivities and restores radiance, renewing and rejuvenating even the driest complexions. Discover for yourself why the original icon of La Mer’s product lineup has inspired droves of devotees.


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The Ritual: The Miracle Broth™ in Crème de la Mer is suspended in an extraordinary formula. The secret to activating its renewing power and enjoying its profound benefits lies in a soothing ritual. Crème de la Mer must be warmed for a few seconds between the fingers until it becomes translucent, then pressed gently into the skin.
about la mer
More than forty years ago, a routine lab experiment exploded in aerospace physicist Max Huber's face, leaving him with severe chemical burns. Frustrated by the few remedies available, Dr. Huber went back into his lab, and twelve years and some 6,000 experiments later, Crème de La Mer was born. Its marine-based Miracle Broth™, distilled through a months-long process, is the secret to the Crème's skin-perfecting success. La Mer now boasts an entire line of age-erasing elixirs, and has become a luxe legend everywhere from Fire Island to Fiji.
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la mer crème de la mer 2 oz

on 6/20/2014

Good good

la mer crème de la mer 2 oz

on 5/13/2014

Love this product absolutely. It is moisture and soft. Just make sure you use it in the right way, Before apply to your face, you need to warm it in your palm until it becomes lucid. Then pat on your face with your palm softly, The missing star is due to the price.

la mer crème de la mer 2 oz

on 4/24/2014

The creme is unlike most other moisturizers -- it is rich with nutrients that truly feed the skin. When I use La Creme, it makes me look and feel at last 10 years younger than I am. Yes, it is quite expensive; however, unlike most other creams, a little bit goes a long way. And the results are definitely worth it!

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