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Reclaim your fitness mojo with the Moja! This featherweight style incorporates the same muscle-building, tush-tightening, posture-perfecting technology as its super-strengthening MBT ‘sole’ sisters, but with a sleeker heel and more nimble build. Made with 3D mesh and leather, these athletically-styled, blue-trimmed kicks can only be found at Bliss—that’s right folks, it’s exclusive! The results will truly leave your mind blown and your body toned. US Women’s whole and half sizes 61/2 – 11

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MBT: healthy, hip and a heck of a workout!
First of all, don’t think of them as just shoes. Think of them as the world’s smallest gym. A challenging walk on the beach—without the beach. Engineered in Switzerland, revered across Europe, and cheered by athletes, A-listers and orthopedists alike, MBTs are the world’s first physiological footwear. With patented Masai Barefoot Technology that tones all of you—all of the time—they improve posture, gait, balance and circulation (read: head-to-toe health) whether you walk, run, or simply stand around in them. And they’re boons for back, leg and joint pain, weight loss and (yes) even cellulite. So stop thinking about that perfect posture, strong core and buff butt—and start putting your whole ‘sole’ into it.
about mbt
MBTs (short for Masai Barefoot Technology) were invented by Swiss engineer Karl Müller. He noticed that schlepping shoeless over Korean paddy fields alleviated his back pain, and that African Masai tribesmen who walked barefoot over bumpy terrain had seriously fit physiques and strong joints. In order to reap these phenomenal physiological benefits on flat ground, he designed the MBT with its signature pivot sole. The shoe is now a 'runaway' success (and as one of the first retailers to stock it stateside, we take some credit for 'stepping up' its profile.)
Every pair of MBT physiological footwear has a patented multi-layered sole that cushions your feet while challenging your muscles (from calves to intercostals and everywhere in between). Clinical studies suggest that regular use improves balance, posture and (most crucial in the fight against fat) circulation.

Want faster results? Slather some Bliss Fatgirlslim on flagging hips, tris or thighs.

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mbt moja

on 2/14/2015

MBT shoes in are awesome!! I have 4 pair; I think..maybe 5. Once you go MBT you won't wear anything else. These are great for (lower) back pain & your ass will levitate from the tushie tightening and toning technology.. just from walking. LOVE them!!

mbt moja

on 8/15/2014

This pair of shoes are my favorite walking shoes. I love it.

mbt moja

on 5/23/2014

I am so totally sold on the MBT line. These were my first pair I ever purchased, and I use them for casual usage. Just running errands in them I can feel my legs and quads working. I would get the next level if you want a pair for athletic reasons, but these are great for every day wear!

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