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david kirsch calming bubbles
david kirsch calming bubbles SKU :DKW-17an effervescent drink that restores calm and curbs cravings

If stress-induced snack-scarfing is your downfall, we suggest you sip on this supplement from celeb wellness guru David Kirsch. The all-natural, caffeine-free, strawberry-kiwi-flavored powder dissolves in water for a de-stressing drink that helps you chill out and resist chowing on chips. GABA and L-Theanine amino acid help keep you relaxed but alert, while 5-HTP, vitamin B6 and Chromium Picolinate boost your mood and curb your appetite to pre-empt an anxiety-induced pig-out. Reach for a glass whenever you’re feeling frenzied. 14 packets, 2.81 oz  .

• Relieves feelings of stress, boosts your mood and improves focus
• Curbs appetite to help prevent stress-induced weight gain
• Made with a proprietary blend of vitamins, herbs and minerals

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about david kirsch
DAVID KIRSCH redefines what it means to be fit, inspiring people of all ages and all levels of fitness to generate natural beauty from within and to strive for and ultimately, find their best self. From his critically-acclaimed wellness training and “star” following, to best-selling books and an innovative supplements line, David Kirsch’s brand of “Wellness” offers intelligent solutions for everyone, every lifestyle. His passion for helping people transform their lives as they transform their bodies is the foundation for the multi-platform wellness company that is David Kirsch Wellness Co.

“It is my job to help you reach your maximum wellness potential. Mind, body and spirit all work together to bring you a level of performance you may never have thought possible. Your success is my success. Remember: "It’s never too late to transform your life.” -DAVID KIRSCH
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david kirsch calming bubbles

on 3/18/2014

tastes great

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