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cass shaper legging (black)
cass shaper legging (black) SKU :CAS-51Sure, you can wear these luxe shaping leggings under pants—but with their chic opaque look, why not flaunt ‘em on their own? (Well, preferably under a long top or dress, of course.) Made of comfy microfiber that’s meant to be strutted solo, they smooth thighs and legs and boost the behind with patented Invisupport stitching that defines every curve. (Hey, who wants a posterior that looks like a pancake?) Nylon/spandex blend. Black. Sizes: S/M (0-6) M/L (8-10) L/XL (12-16).

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about cass luxury shapewear
After giving birth to her second 10-pound-plus baby—and finding her well-earned ‘lumps’ a bit tough to tame with traditional shaping garments—designer Susan Ledyard was inspired to bring another creation into the world: Cass Luxury Shapewear.

Designed to suck in the stomach, whittle the waist, ‘nip’ the hips, boost the bum and mold the midriff, these ‘ooh-la-luxe’ dancewear-inspired shapers serve up a seriously smooth silhouette. Their snug fit has a bit of ‘bind’—all the better for battling bulge, we find—and they’re invisible as underlayers or sexy and stylish sported solo.

Cass Luxury Shapewear’s signature styling, engineering and yarns are the most advanced on the market, making for a truly high-tech ‘tuck’. The fabric is a super-soft breathable blend of plush microfiber, and each top features a slimming Invisupport® band (a technology co-created by Ledyard). Cass’ latest collection, Wear Repair, uses patented copper fiber to both firm and treat your skin. With all these body-shaping breakthroughs, it’s no wonder we can’t keep them in stock.
Hand wash, dry flat. NO bleach.
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cass shaper legging (black)

on 9/22/2014

Good quality but oversized, choose size 1-2 sizes under regular size

cass shaper legging (black)

on 3/10/2014

The fabric was itchy and they tore at a seam after only 2 wears, even though I washed them on gentle and air dried.

cass shaper legging (black)

on 1/28/2014

Love! A must have!!!

cass shaper legging (black)

on 10/11/2013

Material seemed strong, but they ripped after 2nd wear. I bought two, and the 2nd one is still ok.

cass shaper legging (black)

on 11/7/2012

I wear these from the grocery store to the club, so comfortable!

cass shaper legging (black)

on 9/29/2011

cass shaper legging (black)

on 11/4/2010

I LOVE these leggings! I have gone through two pairs already and am now ordering my third. I have "chubby" thighs but every time I wear these leggings ppl are always complimenting me and saying that it looks like I lost weight. HOWEVER, they do rip very easily, the second pair I got actually ripped in the groin area the second time I wore them. :( Maybe it's just me? But I don't think so, they need extra care when putting them on and taking them off.

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