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The Billow from FitFlop (black)
The Billow from FitFlop (black) SKU :FITF-02For those who wore their FitFlop sandals sun-up to sundown last summer, indoors and out, FitFlops' new all-purpose superluxe slip-on Convertiboot makes cold, aching feet feel instantly fantastic! Featuring DuPont's Hydrology-treated shearling (for water and stain resistance) with fluffy lining and cuff, all built on top of FitFlop's celebrated microwobbledboard midsole. We've got two words for you: Oh My! Or maybe that should be OH MINE! U.S. women's whole sizes 5-10. Chocolate, black, mushroom and camel.

Roll the cuff down, it's a thick and fluffy slipper, roll it up, it's a casual outdoor boot. (This also means that those of you who can't choose between colors can order two, because really, it's two shoes.)

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London South Bank University (LSBU) studies show that FitFlop footwear can increase*:

·        bottom-muscle activation up 30% longer
·        quadricep activation by up 19% more
·        hamstring activation by up to 16% more
·        lower leg muscles (NOT calves) by up to 11% more

*When compared to a control shoe. Case studies were performed on Microwobbleboard technology over a 48-month period by Dr David Cook, Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics, and Darren James at the Centre for Human Performance at London South Bank University (LSBU).

FitFlop footwear features patent-pending, muscle-loading Microwobbleboard™ technology to increase the time that your muscles are engaged every single time you take a step. FitFlop Microwobbleboard™ technology was engineered in 2006 by Dr David Cook and Darren James at London South Bank University (LSBU).

Manufactured at one of the world''s leading specialist sports shoe organisations. The unique technology in the midsole of the Fit Flop was developed by Dr David Cook and Darren James at the Centre for Human Performance at London''s South Bank University.
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The Billow from FitFlop (black)

on 12/7/2010

If I could give these shoes 10 stars I would! As the description states, I lived in my FitFlops all summer and was sad to put them away when the weather got cold. Then I found the Billow version and these I never take off! The mushroom color is great and works well with everything. I get tons of compliments on them. I've had them a couple of years and they still look new! Sadly FitFlop has discontinued the line and came out with the Mukluk version which I cannot wear due to my ankles (arthritis). It looks like they have come out with another line called Ultra Lounge but it doesn't have the cuff you can roll up to keep your ankles warm. If you can find Billow in your size I highly recommend you grab them while you can.

The Billow from FitFlop (black)

on 8/27/2010

Would have given these shoes a five, but the black fur turned my feet black every time I wore them. Wonderfully comfortable, cozy, inside and out, but had to wash my feet every time I wore them, or had to wear sox. Bought them in the camel next and love them!

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