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Though its abilities to leap tall buildings in a single bound still have yet to be put to the test, award-winning skincare line Supergoop! has certainly proved its might in other arenas. Launched in 2007 by sun care industry veteran Holly Thaggard, the brand was conceived with the goal of providing affordable, innovative sun protection without the use of parabens, petrochemicals, fragrances and phthalates. In addition to keeping harmful rays ‘off your back, the brand’s products boast equally ‘super’ anti-aging benefits and antioxidants to help fight free radical damage, keeping would-be wrinkles at bay.

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Supergoop! SPF 30+ City Sunscreen Serum

In addition to moisturizing sun-damaged skin and combatting prematureagin,g this remarkably light multitasking serum is armed with serious broad-spectrum protection, helping keep your skin out of the clutches of harmful UVA, UVB and infrared (IRA) rays. No wonder Conde Nast Traveler dubbed it 'Best Sunscreen for the City!'

The Supergoop! skincare product line delivers three distinct benefits to the skin: superior broad-spectrum sun protection, amazing anti-aging benefits and super antioxidants to help fight free radical, wrinkle-forming damage. Antioxidants E and B5 optimize skin health and promote nutrient absorption and cell renewal to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles while also protecting against infrared radiation (IRA rays). Hydrovotin 24 simulates the skin’s natural moisturizing factor, hydrating without being delivered in a thick cream or lotion.

Supergoop! takes seriously its commitment to formulating with healthy ingredients and natural preservative systems—no parabens, no fragrances, no petrochemicals and no oxybenzone—to provide an environment and skin-compatible choice for UV protection. Earning a clinical stamp of approval for all skin types, including sensitive skin and children four months of age and up, Supergoop! is truly super. Supergoop! is also the CEW 2012 Indie Beauty Award recipient.

supergoop! spf 35 daily correct cc cream (light-medium)
supergoop! spf 30+ sunscreen mist with vitamin C
supergoop! spf 50+ sunscreen mist with vitamin C
supergoop! spf 30+ city sunscreen serum

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