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The Swiss are fast becoming famous for high-tech treads like Springboost. Dr. Joerg Fuchslocher and Behrouz Bayat were passionate entrepreneurs who strove to create the ultimate athletic shoe using dorsiflexion— a position where the heel is placed lower than the ball of the foot. After much scientific research, they launched Springboost in 2005. The brand now boasts a bevy of athletic footwear, all aimed at changing the way you walk (and changing your body for the better).

what's the deal with dorsiflexion?

Simply put, it's a position where the heel is placed lower than the ball of the foot. Developed and based at the Federal Technical Institute of Lausanne, Switzerland (trust us, the place is bursting with brainpower), Springboost athletic sneakers are constructed with Dorsi Technology to raise up the front of your foot. Exercising in this position trims and tones legs and glutes more intensely, and even turns an everyday stroll through the supermarket into a workout. As if that weren't enough, the Springboost shoes offer umpteen other benefits, including:

• improved posture and body alignment
• improved circulation in feet and legs
• reduced joint stress on knees, hips, shoulders, and back
• reduced training time due to more efficient workouts

Q: Why is Springboost special?
A: Springboost's Dorsi Technology incorporates a unique U-Control Insole System that lets you customize the degree of dorsiflexion. Each pair of sneakers comes with two or three interchangeable insoles, which offer different levels of intensity to your workout. Those just dabbling in dorsiflexion can start with the 0° insole, while experienced wearers can step it up as high as 5°.

 You'll have to get used to the feel of a lower heel, but trust us, the health and body toning effects are real. So put your foot down—and work your butt off.

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