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Famed French brand Sisley 'sprouted' from the fertile mind of Hubert d'Ornano in 1976, when using botanicals in beauty was a major breakthrough. As one of the pioneers of phytocosmetology, he knew a few things about using flora to make skin look more fabulous. Combine that know-how with his insistence on a limitless scientific research budget, and you've planted the 'seeds' for some pretty powerful (and posh) potions.

Sisleÿa Eye and Lip Contour Cream

Brimming with botanicals, this 'two-birds-one-stone' wrinkle-reducing remedy not only conquers crow's feet, puff and dark circles, but also fights fatigue on the fragile lip and eye areas. Made with über-moisturizing algae extract and nourishing vitamins E and B5, it's a multi-tasking miracle that'll have your lips looking luscious and your eyes feeling energized in an instant.

Sisley practically wrote the book on phytocosmetology, or the use of natural plant extracts in beauty products–and considering there are over 800,000 plants on Earth, it's more like an Encyclopedia.

Sisley is dedicated to plucking the best of the botanical bunch for their formulas. After studying the benefits of a plant's key active ingredients, each is scrupulously selected: the geographic origin, time of harvest, part of the plant used and ideal dosage are all taken into account. And with all that grade-A greenery, you'll look downright gorgeous.

Essential Oils
Another key feature in Sisley products, essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts obtained through distillation. They are non-greasy, volatile substances, with scents that are specific to each plant. Sisley only uses essential oils of the utmost quality–the very quality selected by aromatherapy doctors and pharmaceutical laboratories for its high degree of purity. This is how Sisley obtains maximum effectiveness and skin tolerance for its products.

While every essential oil has its specific function, all essential oils share the following 5 actions:
• They are very quickly absorbed into the skin, carrying with them all the other active ingredients contained in the formula into the skin tissue.
• They help stimulate surface microcirculation, promoting cellular regeneration and oxygenation.
• They have germicidal properties.
• They work through the olfactory system and diffuse through the body.
• They work like natural preservatives, allowing the considerably reduce the use of synthetic preservatives in a product.

At Sisley, new products consistently correspond to genuine scientific breakthroughs. A new product is only launched when it ensures higher performance than all existing products on the market, even if this calls for 10 years of research before it can finally see the light of day! And in order to obtain this result, Sisley researchers are free of any financial or time constraints.

"I would like to start with a standing ovation for making superb products. There's absolutely nothing like Sisley out there." - Galvan F., AZ

"I consider Sisley the best products I have ever tried." - Lorraine R., NJ

"I cannot thank you enough for the fantastic products you share across the world. I have had a very positive experience, and cannot wait to see what else I can discover within the line." - Michael M., CA

"I have been using Sisley treatment products EXCLUSIVELY for the past 22 years … I truly love your line ... items like Sisleÿa Elixir are like magic for me." - Cleo N., MD

"I love Sisley products, because they are one of few products that address my extremely dry skin" - Jacqueline W., CO

"First I would like to say that I have been using Sisley products for more years than I remember. I am so happy with all of your products and have converted many of my friends to the Sisley line. Thank you." - Katie Z., IL

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