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Australian podiatrist Dr. Philip Vasyli wants your feet to feel good—and he's spent more than 30 years developing functional footwear to get them pain-free. An expert in orthotic treatments (and a key figure behind wellness doc Andrew Weil's Integrative Footwear line), Dr. Vasyli developed Orthaheel footwear to help the scores of people struggling with heel, knee and lower back pain restore the natural 'footprint' that's lost when walking on hard, unnatural surfaces. Bless his 'sole'!

Orthaheel footwear helps restore natural foot function and well-being with every step.

Our feet were designed to walk on soft, natural surfaces like soil and sand. Yet today we spend most of our time standing, walking and running on unnatural, hard surfaces.

This loss of our "footprint" has resulted in a variety of pain and injuries affecting not just the feet, but the entire body. Unnatural surfaces force our feet to pronate (roll over) to gain ground contact, which flattens the arches and can disrupt normal knee function and hip alignment and increase pressure on the lower back.

Clinical and practical research has resulted in the unique Orthaheel orthotic design that helps "reclaim" your natural footprint by restoring the foot's natural (neutral) alignment, enabling the feet, ankles and legs to function as efficiently and dynamically as they were intended. Orthaheel's unique orthotic is built-in to their collection of sandals, slippers and athletic shoes, featuring:

• Podiatrist-designed, clinically proven orthotic support
• Tri-Planar Motion Control system for essential support and stability
• Flexible and lightweight construction

Orthaheel products are ideal for:
• Heel pain and plantar fasciitis
• Moderate to excessive pronation
• Complementary orthotic treatment
• Shock-absorbing support and stability
• Low- and high-performance athletes

"These flips make my feet feel great after a very long day at the office." – Cindy, AL

"They are the most comfortable sandals I have ever worn." – Patricia, NJ

"I've walked miles at a time in my Orthaheels with comfort and support." – Rebecca, LA


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