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MBT 'stands' alone as the original innovators who launched the physiological footwear category—and we should know. After all, Bliss was the first catalog to launch them in the states (and subsequently 'kick' off MBT mania). Since then, imitators have tried to nip at their 'heels'—but with their signature rocker sole and superior materials, craftsmanship and construction, MBT has stood its ground as the finest in wellness footwear. Today, the brand offers a vast array of 'function-meets-lifestyle' sneakers, shoes and sandals.

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"I'm a 65-year-old professor who stands on hard floors three or more hours a day. Three years ago, my feet were giving out, tendons and ligaments strained and painful, heels almost bruised and painful from landing on them with each step. I got MBTs as a last act before medical treatment. My feet healed within 10 days. I've worn the shoes for my classroom work ever since. I've seen the lower cost imitators. I won't try them because I need the super-cushioning of MBTs." –Ken Peterson, Ph.D.

"My feet and lower legs were numb for 4 years. After medical intervention failed, I started wearing MBTs out of sheer desperation. I felt relief on the first day. My feet were not numb at all! Now I am afraid to wear regular shoes again. The MBTs make me stand and walk erect unlike my regular shoes. I feel taller and my posture is PERFECT. I am no longer hunched over like a caveman, or depressed because of my back problems. Thank God for MBT!" – Gardner Boulmay

"I LOVE my MBTs! I wear them to the hospital, where I'm an ICU nurse and work 12-hour shifts. Before MBTs, my feet, ankles and calves would ache midway through my shift. Since I started wearing these, no more aches! Thanks!" – Amy Dolan

"I used to have chronic back problems. Since I started wearing MBTs, I have not had a single lower back problem. In addition, I am able to walk for long periods of time comfortably. A number of friends and acquaintances have followed my recommendation to try the shoes and they also love them." – Cynthia Reinhardt

"On my European vacation, my son and I took only one pair of walking shoes to wear every day for two weeks: MBTs! Purchasing MBT's was one of the best health investments I ever made. They were so comfortable and we did a lot of standing and literally walked each day a minimum of 4-6 hours. We returned each night to our hotel room with NO blisters on our feet. The uneven street surfaces were no match for our MBTs. If I had to do it all again, I would most definitely pick MBTs as my walking shoe of choice for any trip - thank you for making such a comfortable, well-made shoe!" – Jeannie Woo Trump

mbt kianga (crimson)
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