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After its founder read an article about 'intelligent textiles' being the wave of the fashion future, this French brand entered the world of shapewear in 2002 with compression tights as its debut product. What made their shapewear fabric so fab was embedded, microencapsu-lated ingredients released during wear for effortless body bettering. Lytess has since expanded its shapewear to everything from panties to pants, and their future holds forays into the sports and medical worlds. We recommend sporting their high-tech shapewear if you want your future to hold your favorite-ever physique.

Lytess Slimming Corrective Belt

Already flying off the shelves in France, this unisex midsection cinching shapewear lets you belt your way to svelte. The secret is caffeine and moisturizing, softening shea butter, embedded into the shapewear's fabric as microcapsules. When worn under clothes, the shapewear belt unleashes the ingredients throughout the day as it rubs against skin, while providing firm support.

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The shapewear fabric is embedded with Microcapsule's. What is a Microcapsule? A microcapsule is similar to a grape. The pulp contains the cosmetic agent. The skin protects the cosmetic agent from the outside environment.

What are the benefits of micro-encapsulation in shapewear?
There are several:

• Protects the cosmetic agent from external factors such as oxidation, light and moisture.
• Releases the cosmetic agent gradually from the shapewear
• Releases the cosmetic agent in a controlled manner.

Q: What happens to my Corrective belt after 20 washes?
A: Lytess shapewear remains figure corrective shapewear even after 20 washings. However, the cosmetic effect is diminished. You can still wear them as shapewear after. 

Q: Can I wear the shapewear at night?
A: Yes, however it is better to wear it in the daytime because the release of the ingredients from the shapewear is generated from the free movements of your body, so you will release more.

Q: How do Lytess Shaper Shorts it differ from a regular corrective 'sauna' shaper brief?
A: Lytess shapewear are a cosmetotextiles, and their main innovation is the integration of cosmetic ingredients in the fabric. You will experience cosmetic care but without the regular constraints of a cream or lotion. A 'sauna' bike short makes you sweat and eliminate toxins thanks to a specific mix of fibers to trigger the heat against your skin. The sauna shapewear feature is a mechanical one.

Q: Can light therapy be used in conjunction with topicals and other treatments?
A: Absolutely. In fact, penetration of serums and creams will be drastically enhanced when used in combination with LED Therapy. It also complements many other facial procedures including microdermabrasion.

 Q: Generally my skin is very sensitive to cosmetics. Since I often have allergic reactions, should I have any concern about wearing Lytess shapewear?
A: Lytess shapewear's cosmetotextiles adhere very strictly to the current cosmetic regulations. For the Corrective belt, the ingredients are made of Caffeine and Shea butter; for the Panty Push Up Caffeine and Mango butter. If you know that you are allergic to those ingredients, we recommend that you don't wear those particular shapewear items.

Q: How do I wash the shapewear?
A: You can machine wash Lytess shapewear with warm water and mild detergent. NO DRYER. Let air dry flat.

Q: I generally wear a size S/M but I have a lot of cellulite. Should I wear a Corrective Belt and Panty Push Up?
A: Lytess shapewear allows you to trim your figure uniformly on waist, hips, tummy and thighs where and when the cosmetotextile is in contact with the skin.

Q: How does Lytess shapewear's microencapsulation work?
A: Just walk and enjoy the massaging effect of Lytess shapewear on your skin. No messy cream or lotion. Lytess shapewear is not a ''sweat-you-down'' product to torture your body. Instead the shapewear, throughout the day, you will feel its benefits; smoother skin & energized legs.

Q:What is the shapewear's cosmetic feature?
A: Most of our shapewear formula combines two microcapsuled ingredients:
1) Caffeine- helps to make the skin appear more firm
2) Shea Buttter- recognized for moisturizing 


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