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Entrepreneur Joniann Marchese was looking for a non-invasive answer to erasing signs of aging when she discovered LED light therapy, which uses specific lights to stimulate collagen-producing cells. She found the results so 'illuminating' that she partnered with her husband Steve to develop LightStim, which uses Multi-Wave™ technology to simultaneously emit four light wavelengths. The gold standard with professionals for over a decade, they've now launched an at-home version using the same technology to help you make 'light' of aging, no appointment necessary.

Why is LED (light-emitting diode) therapy such a bright idea? It starts with understanding what makes up your skin. Collagen provides a support structure that holds up or plumps the skin, and elastin gives it elasticity or spring.

Skin and body tissue have the ability to absorb light as a source of energy to stimulate cellular regeneration. LightStim's unique Multi-Wave™ technology emits four therapeutic wavelengths (colors) of light simultaneously, which penetrate into the dermis layer of skin and stimulate cellular function to enhance the production and volume of collagen and elastin. This increased volume plumps the skin, gradually pushing out the folds of the wrinkles. At the same time, the skin tightens from the increased amount of elastin. All of these actions lead to a firmer, more youthful look.

"I am just astounded at the results. Over time, my naso-labial folds are gone. GONE. I was going to have a face lift this year, but I don't need one now. I didn't realize that my results would be this good. Almost a year later, and I truly look 10 years younger. Try it — you will not be sorry. It takes time and commitment, but NO NEEDLES, NO SURGERY, and I look natural." — Barb Goldman

"This product is too great to keep a secret. I've been using mine from for 6 months, and it's so effective that I am now literally SAVING MONEY because I'm not buying every eye cream that hits the shelves! Since I was really committed to using it, I'm now on just the "maintenance" schedule because the results are yours to keep! MORE THAN AMAZING! (My husband is trying it out now because he wants the same results to refresh his "Tired Daddy Look!") — Online Customer Post

"I have had numerous comments from friends, family — even strangers on how rested I look, how few wrinkles I have and how young I look for my age. I found my time using the device to be very relaxing. I also experienced results much earlier than the 6-8 week timeline. What a treasure I have found in LightStim!" — Online Customer Post

"I have found the LightStim to be the strongest LED device on the market for consumers. I've had men, women, and teens purchase and use the LightStim and all are happy with their results. I myself have found that use of these lights has resulted in smaller pores, fewer blemishes and the reduction of fine lines on my face. I recommend LightStim to anyone who wishes to better themselves, their skin and regain confidence." — D'Andre Michael, Celebrity Make-Up Artist

"As a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, many patients come to my office specifically for skincare consultations. I have seen many products come and go on the market, and was tentative when first introduced tot LightStim — but after utilizing it for the past eight months in my office I am very pleased with the results. My clients who have purchased LightStim for home use are not only impressed with the professional quality of the device, but the great results they're able to achieve." — Dr. Jason Martin, MD

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