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Everyone loves the silky-straight results of keratin treatments—but no one loves subjecting their hair to the damaging ingredients used in most salon systems. That's why Keratin Earth was developed as a safe at-home alternative. Totally free of formaldehyde (or 'hydes' of any kind), it also requires no intense heat, no wait time before washing, and gives you the option of wearing your hair straight or curly. The innovative system is so amazing that it's endorsed by Nathaniel Hawkins, celebrity stylist and Project Runway's 'mane' man. Just like him, we were truly blown away by the results (in fact, you could almost call them 'earth'-shattering).

Keratin Earth employs a unique combination of ingredients to safely deliver straight hair while minimizing damage. All straightening products for the hair make use of a similar 3-step regimen – hair is softened and stretched, structurally rearranged, and then set into place. It is how these steps are accomplished that sets the different straightening systems apart. Permanent straightening systems, such as hair relaxers and the Japanese straightening systems, make use of caustic actives that can be highly damaging to the hair and very irritating to the skin because of their higher pH. The trendy Brazilian hair straightening systems operate at lower pH conditions, but typically require the inclusion of formaldehyde at concentrations greater than 10x the concentration considered safe by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel (USA).

Keratin Earth provides straightening effects without having the disadvantages of the other treatments. It is carried out under essentially neutral conditions using a combination of mild ingredients and protecting, restructuring, and conditioning components. Keratin Earth does not contain formaldehyde or damaging oxidative neutralizers, nor does it include any ingredient that will release formaldehyde into the air when the product is heated. This product has been air quality tested.

The key ingredient in Keratin Earth is exclusive Versaplex technology, a complex formula that includes Keratin and protective, restructuring proteins to smooth, soften and repair your hair without harsh chemicals.

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Q: What hair types benefit from Keratin Earth?
A: All hair types can benefit from Keratin Earth. We have witnessed incredible results from women who have had extremely coarse, curly hair as well as women with dry brittle hair. Clinical studies show that all hair types tested have been satisfied with the results of the treatment. Continued use of the shampoo and conditioner will increase benefits to hair. These benefits include: increased shine, reduced frizz, increase in overall manageability.

Q: Will it really straighten my hair?
A: All hair types are different but typical results are as follows. If you have very curly hair, the treatment will give you a loose wave that can be worn straight or wavy (you still have options!). It will eliminate frizz and enhance shine. If you have wavy hair, your hair will appear straighter and more radiant. Hair will not be "pin" straight. It will still require light styling but will be much easier to style and the style will last longer than usual without being compromised by the weather.

Q: Can I use Keratin Earth if I have color treated or chemically processed hair?
A: Yes. In fact, the treatment will make permanent hair color last longer! We suggest that you color/highlight your hair before applying the treatment for best results. If you use a DEPOSIT ONLY HAIR COLOR, we suggest that you do a patch test first. These color products have a protein base and that combined with the protein in our treatment may be too much protein for some hair. It is also safe for anyone who has relaxed or permed hair. It is not harsh like Japanese or Brazilian straighteners or other relaxing systems and a fantastic substitute for anyone who wants to stop treating their hair with chemical solutions.

Q: How long will keratin earth last?
A: When applied correctly and properly maintained with Keratin Earth Shampoo and Conditioner, the system can last anywhere from 30 days to 3 months. This depends entirely on your hair type.

Q: How often can I use the treatment?
A: We recommend using the treatment once every 30 days for ultimate maintenance. We have found that using Keratin Earth over time improves the overall condition of hair. You can do "touch up" treatments when you feel you want an extra boost. Do this by applying the #2 to hair while in the shower. Leave it in for just 5 minutes and then shampoo and condition as you normally do.

Q: Can I wet my hair right after applying the treatment?
A: Yes. You can wash your hair, swim in a pool or ocean…there are no limitations. Other systems require a 24-72 hour wait time but Keratin Earth allows you to go back to your routine without worry.

"I love it! Since using Keratin Earth my hair feels soft, shiny, smells great and I can manage it! I love this product and you will too." – Wendy Zuniga

"It's amazing! My hair is softer than it has been in years and shiner than I ever remember. It finally has body and is no longer dry and brittle, feels really healthy. The process was very simple and very fast. I can't believe the difference.... this is really great!"
– Kathey Cantanzaro

"Before Keratin Earth, my hair was frizzy and very curly. The results are amazing! My hair is super straight, shiny, silky, soft... absolutely beautiful! And no frizz!" – Darlene Ciprian

"My biggest problem is that my hair is thick, frizzy and extremely curly. It is also color treated. Normally I have to go to the salon to straighten it every 2 weeks. I love Keratin Earth! I am extremely happy with the product. I love my hair now. It is smooth, shiny and easy to handle. My hair feels super soft... I can hear the softness. Thank you!"
– Katherine Grullon

"My hair is normally wavy and frizzy, if I don't put gel it gets really poofy. It is also color treated. When I straighten my hair it takes one hour and I leave it for 3 days. After using Keratin Earth, I am in shock! I love it. I didn't expect it to be this straight and silky. It was quick and simple. Very convenient for people who have a busy schedule. Now, my hair feels silky and smooth. My fingers just run through my hair." – Yvette Zapatier

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