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If you think there's only one Van Gogh famous for being a visionary artist and master of color, it's time you discovered Kelly Van Gogh. After years of developing breakthrough hair color products and custom shades for some of the biggest names in beauty, she brushed up on her chemistry and launched her very own line. The Master Blend™ system has revolutionized the industry with a patented delivery system that repairs as it colors. Kelly believes that coloring your hair shouldn't be an intimidating chore, so she made her products as easy and fun as putting on makeup, even for first-timers. Trust us: it's to 'dye' for.

KELLY VAN GOGH® allows you to get better results and more creative, customized techniques than most high-end salons. Kelly's chic and innovative approach to hair colour uses her masterfully blended and scientifically advanced patented No Drip, No Smell, No Stain Formula with its unique delivery system that wraps the colour molecule with vital, hair repairing omega rich caviar oil, keratin protein and amino acids. The formula delivers this treatment deep inside the cortex making the hair in better condition after the colour than before and in turn delivers the most gorgeous multi-dimensional colour.

Kelly's advanced proprietary Mica Shine Technology® permeates throughout her entire line, and uses vital mica minerals to reflect and refract light giving nutritious strength to the hair, essentially lighting the hair from within making the hair have incredible shine and multi-dimension.

The Colour Protecting Caviar Treatment Line (which includes shampoo, conditioner, tonic and masque) will extend your colour up to 10 times longer through this patented system by repairing the hair and preparing it for colour with each use. Every ingredient in the KELLY VAN GOGH® Line has been formulated with complete attention to preparing the hair for hair colour.

Kelly's core philosophy is, "If you don't have a beautiful canvas for hair colour, your hair colour won't be beautiful." Nor will it last… so everything Kelly formulates repairs the hair from the inside out. There are no quick fixes or coverups, making your hair the perfect canvas for hair colour every time.

Q: What if I have stubborn gray hair that resists color?
A: Master Blend™ is a permanent, high performing hair color that offers 100% gray coverage but if you know you have stubborn gray hair that tends to resist color or doesn't hold onto color, use less developer when mixing your formula. Use the entire 2 oz tube of crème color but only use 1.75 oz of the developer. Using less developer will deposit more color to the hair and will help to cover those stubborn grays beautifully. And make sure to leave the color on for a full 45 minutes after you finish applying it for best coverage.

Q: What are the biggest mistakes clients make when coloring their own hair?
A: One of the biggest mistakes clients make when coloring their hair is trying to go more than two levels lighter than what they are currently. If you want to go more than two levels lighter, you will need to highlight your hair first with my Luxury Highlighting Kit. If you already have darker hair color on your hair, you cannot put a lighter shade over it and expect it to lighten. Color does not lift color and the only way to significantly lighten your hair is to highlight it.

Q: How do I choose my perfect shade?
A: It is very easy to choose your perfect shade. Just ask yourself three questions:
• Currently, is my overall hair color (not re-growth) blonde, brown, red or black?
• Am I lighter or darker?
• Do I like red or gold in my hair?
By answering the above questions, you can pick your perfect shade by following the names of each Master Blend™ Color. Just remember, if you do NOT like red or gold in your color, do NOT choose a shade with 'red' or 'gold' in the name even if you like the color on the box. When in doubt, choose a color with either 'cool' or 'neutral' in the name and if you feel like you are in between two colors, go with the lighter shade first. You can always go darker next time.

Q: Can I mix different MASTER BLEND™ shades to make my own custom shades?
A: Yes! You can definitely mix any of the MASTER BLEND™ shades to create your own custom blends. If you want to deepen certain shades or add warmth, just mix any two MASTER BLEND™ shades together to create your own perfect colour! Just remember to use 2 oz. of developer for every 2 oz. of MASTER BLEND™ crème color you mix up.

"I cannot believe what has happened to my hair since I started Kelly Van Gogh. For one, fantastic color. For two, a WHOLE new head of perfect hair!!!!!!! I cannot believe the damage the chemicals caused over the years. My hair stylist had me thinking it was my fault using a blow dryer or my age!! My hair has never been thicker and all the new growth has NO damage. Insane!! You've got my forever thanks!!" – Karen H., Redondo Beach, CA

"I will never use another brand of hair color ever, ever again. This is an absolutely delightful product and I've never loved the final result and much as I have with Kelly's hair color. I will share this with every woman I know who colors her hair."
– Carrie M., HSN Client

"I have to say I was amazed. My professional opinion is that it is probably one of the most mind-blowing things I have ever done and seen. It takes a lot to impress me, I have been doing this forever. I have to say I was super, super impressed. The main ingredient is the keratin that is placed into the color, which is why your hair feels like super amazing hair again. To be able to put those ingredients together for that price point is amazing. You are getting so much more than hair color. That is some good stuff, ladies."
– Michael Moreno, NYC Stylist and Colorist

"After using KELLY VAN GOGH® MASTER BLEND™ my hair is so much softer and feels much more moisturized than it has in a long time. It is foolproof. You can't mess it up. I am very, very impressed." – Victoria Henley, Host of Cosmo Radio, New York City

"This hair color is wonderful! Conditions your hair, great color that covers everything, and does not stain skin! You should give it a try, I am done with the salon and their prices!"
– Dianne E., Brockton, MA

kelly van gogh® master blend™ multi-dimensional luxury hair colour (6V dark cool blonde)
kelly van gogh® master blend™ multi-dimensional luxury hair colour (6G dark golden blonde)

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