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dr. sebagh crème high maintenance SKU :DS-11Seven has always been a lucky number for us — and now it is for you, too. This Supercream's seven patented breakthrough actives make it an uncontested heavyweight in the anti-aging arena, yet it still manages to feel light while delivering the best 'WOW, my skin hasn't looked this bouncy and firm since I was 23!' benefits around.

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pure, essential, vital ways to natural, healthy, glowing skin

Thanks to these targeted antioxidant and vitamin treatments, you no longer need a royal address, million-dollar mole, famous face, or a first-class airfare to Paris or London to have your fez fabbed up by Europe's reigning 'youth guru'. Now everyone can experience the unique 'Sebagh Effect' as Dr. Jean Louis Sebagh has poured his twenty-years-plus of making people look better (and younger) and high concentrations of the most effective active ingredients into each jar and vial.
ingredient highlights
Environmental Pollution Film — EPF is a polysaccharide that when applied to the skin creates a sugar film that literally acts as a pollution barrier to protect the skin from environmental assaults (pollution, UV rays, chemical aggressions, etc.). With 70% of aging due to environmental factors, EPF reflects UV rays, effectively stopping the production of free radicals!

Green Coffee Extract — Derived from raw, unroasted coffee beans, this green coffee extract will fight against the oxidative stress caused by free radicals and protect the skin against the effects of aging.

Sesame Protein Complex — Acting as a 'rapid wrinkle reducer,' Sesame Protein Complex smoothes skins and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, the effects of which are felt in only five minutes.

Natural Phytohormone Complex — Natural Phytohormone Complex (Isoflavone + Phytosterol — date palm extract), also found in Dr. Sebagh Crème Natural Hormone-like Effects, brings immediate improvement to sun-damaged, sensitive and prematurely-aged skin. This complex replenishes and deeply hydrates weakened skin giving the appearance of a plumped and youthful glow.

Hyaluronic Acid — Hyaluronic Acid both retains and attracts moisture to the skin, hydrating the skin and lending to a plumped effect.

Linoleic Acid/Ceramides — Linoleic acid and ceramides aid in the moisture retention ability of the skin, sealing the skin barrier and preserving skin's integrity. Skin's texture and structure is at its best with far fewer visible lines and wrinkles.

Hazelnut Oligopeptides — Hazelnut oligopeptides help to increase collagen synthesis and regulate normal collagen production, keeping the skin looking younger, longer.
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