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Thanks to these targeted antioxidant and vitamin treatments, you no longer need a royal address, million-dollar mole, famous face, or a first-class airfare to Paris or London to have your fez fabbed up by Europe's reigning 'youth guru'. Now everyone can experience the unique 'Sebagh Effect' as Dr. Jean Louis Sebagh has poured his twenty-years-plus of making people look better (and younger) and high concentrations of the most effective active ingredients into each jar and vial.

Dr Sebagh (or as we refer to him, the 'Baron of Botox') has taken his in-office expertise and translated it into this incredible, sought-after skincare range. His approach is to pack each product with high concentrations of the most potent active ingredients for the ultimate in effectiveness. To wit: his unique Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream lets you 'soak up the C' in its purest 'pulverized' form, while his Dark Circles Powder contains a hefty dose of MPI (Metallo Proteinase Inhibitor), a natural enzyme that slows collagen and elastin loss. Each product targets a specific concern, but they can just as easily be mixed and matched to rev your radiance as a regimen.

• MPI (Metallo Proteinase Inhibitor) a natural enzyme that slows collagen and elastin loss

• Patented 'Technology Emulsion Powder' allows ingredients retain their effectiveness

• Vitamin C, in conjunction with protein, is necessary for the production of collagen

Q: Why is Dr Sebagh Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream better than other Vitamin C creams?

A: The average Vitamin C cream loses 85% of its potency within one hour of opening the jar, so its effect is often subpar. However, Dr. Sebagh Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream has a patented, revolutionary way of overcoming this stability problem. The good doc has dubbed it 'The Stable Vitamin C TEP (Technology Emulsion Powder) Patented'--but simply put, it's a miracle method that allows Vitamin C to keep doing a bang-up job of repairing sun damage, boosting collagen production, and fighting free radicals long after the tube has been 'popped'.

Q: What's with the powder/cream combo?
A: Dr Sebagh's powder products use a patented process that results in a pulverized blend known as 'Technology Emulsion Powder'. The ingredients retain their effectiveness when maintained in this encapsulated dry powder form, and only let their concentrated bounty loose when manually mixed together with one of his accompanying creams and applied to the skin. Sure, the blending takes bit more time, but who cares when the result is a 'timeless' face? (Plus, just imagining you're back in chemistry lab will make you feel instantly younger.)

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