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Dr. David H. Kingsley is a world-renowned hair loss expert, so he's certainly not at a loss for qualifications -- but he was, at one time, at a loss for hair himself, even donning a hairpiece to disguise his dwindling 'do. After much research, he discovered a solution that allowed him to get rid of the rug -- and he translated it into treatments used at his New York City clinics. Now, you can bring home his expertise with this professional-strength 4-step system, which helps men and women of all hair types and ethnicities regain their mane. 'Hair's' to Dr. K!

Hair is one of the body's fastest growing tissues. In fact, you can grow an average of 3/4 mile (1km) of scalp hair per month! But hair is also a non-vital tissue, so it receives its energy from the body last. When your nourishment falters, a deteriorating hair condition can occur, the hair can become dry and brittle, growth may slow down, and certain patterns of hair loss can be accelerated.

British Science Formulations® are scientifically formulated hair and scalp products. They improve overall hair quality and body by reducing breakage and dryness, and they also help energize the scalp, an area as crucial to healthy hair growth as the gums are to healthy teeth, thus supporting and maximizing growth potential. The products, which have not been animal tested, are customized to help improve your particular hair and scalp condition.

The British Science Formulations® collection represents a huge step forward in hair and scalp care. With their exclusive program, you're on your way to healthy, good looking hair.

British Science Formulations® Product Features:

• endorsed by Dr. David H. Kingsley.
• culminated from over 30 years of experience and nearly 20 years of development.
• based on trichology treatments performed at Dr. Kingsley's two NYC centers.
• professional-strength trichology treatment system for home use.
• scientifically formulated without the use of animal testing.
• formulated for men and women, for all hair types and ethnicities.
• concentrates on both hair and scalp health.
• helps support the hair to grow to its maximum potential in both length and health.
• counteracts the harmful effects of the sun, water supply, and build-up of other products on the hair and scalp.
• improves overall hair quality and body.
• helps strengthens hair fibers, thus reducing breakage and dryness.
• protects the hair cuticle (outer layer of hair) to improve hair sheen.
• fortifies the hair cortex (inner part of hair) to improve hair elasticity.

As featured in good housekeeping magazine!

"My hair has grown already in one week! I definitely see a difference." -- P.G., New York

"Thank you so much for sending me these wonderful products. I started using them and they're really working. I appreciate your kindness in helping me." -- L.S., California

"..after only 1 month, my hair stopped falling out completely. And it's growing back just as strong as ever. I am at a loss for words on how thankful I am to you." -- A.B., New Jersey

"I just needed to share with you my sincere jubilation as I have followed your instructions with your products. I really can't explain it! but my hair is not falling out like it was! Thank you." -- R.F., Pennsylvania

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