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As pioneers in EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology, this brand has specialized in medical-grade products for over 40 years. Many of these are designed to relieve pain—but what about the pain of noticing that your formerly firm parts are flagging? They've taken care of that too, by applying their muscle mastery to the BMR Beauty Series, a group of beauty tools that use clinically proven science to effortlessly enhance your look from within. Is it any wonder that the results are totally 'electrifying'?

Bio-Medical Research Tummy Life

We're totally 'charged' about this garment/gadget hybrid, which gives slouchy stomachs the one-two with patented EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology. Used in the medical field for over 50 years, it sends gentle signals to your abdominal muscles, giving them a workout by causing rhythmic contract-and-release action. Just attach the adhesive pads to the garment, strap it on, and use the hand-held activator (sold separately and required for use) to control the level of toning intensity. Use the FDA-cleared system 5 times a week while relaxing at home, and in about 4 weeks, we think you'll con-'firm' our belief that this is one of the best body boosters in the biz!

BMR tummy lift

Clinically demonstrated EMS technology is proven to build muscle tone. BMR Lift uses a patented combination of EMS and medical-grade GelPads to deliver the best results. The same EMS technology has been use by doctors and therapists to tone, strengthen and firm muscles. Tummy Lift Clinical Study 92% percent of study participants felt the firmness of their abdominal muscles had increased.* Arm Lift Clinical Study 89% percent of study participants felt that their arms were toned, and 72% indicated that their arm muscles felt firm.** Bottom Lift Clinical Study 92% percent of study participants felt that their bottoms were firmer stronger, more toned, shapelier, and more uplifted, as well as feeling that their jeans fit better.†

*6-week study conducted at the University of La Crosse, Wisconsin, 2008.
**6-week study conducted by Platinum Research, Galway Ireland, 2007.
†6-week study conducted at the University of La Crosse, Wisconsin, 2010

"For me, having a tight core is a must so it's Tummy Lift for my abs. Lots of products look like BMR Tummy Lift, but they can't beat Tummy Lift for effectiveness. I may not compete for another gold medal but I always want to look like I'm ready."
– Janet Evans, Olympic Gold Medalist

"The results are fantastic! My bottom looks tighter and feels tighter, and looks so much better in jeans."
– Lara

"When I have it on, I feel my muscles move, I really feel it working. I feel so much firmer and people are noticing too."
– Dana

"I stopped wearing sleeveless dresses because I was uncomfortable, but now, after using Arm Lift, I wear my sexy dresses as much as possible!"
– Lisa

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