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Made in Germany since 1774, Birkenstock was brought stateside in the sixties when a woman visiting there was impressed with the über-comfy design that molds to the shape of the wearer's foot. Over 200 years later, these timeless treads are hipper than ever, and are still based on the original contoured sustainable cork footbed that makes soles happy worldwide. If that's not a reason to 'stock' up, we don't know what is.

Benefits of Birkenstock

Birkenstock footbeds are made of cork and natural latex, and contoured in the shape of a healthy foot. These contours ensure proper weight distribution with raised arches to help support the foot's natural shape and structure. The toe bar allows the toes to grip and flex, stimulating circulation, exercising the leg, and helping to maintain balance. The deep heel cup keeps the foot's natural padding under the heel to provide stability. As a result of these factors, the correct bones bear the weight of the body to keep the spine and legs in alignment.

Inside the Pefect Shoe

1. More Toe Room
Allows toes to move naturally which promotes better balance and overall toe health.

2. Raised Toe Bar
Encourages the natural gripping motion of your feet while exercising your legs and improving circulation.

3. Contoured Footbed
Mirrors and nurtures the shape and contours of a healthy foot. The four arches ensure even weight distribution.

4. Deep Heel Cup
A neutral heel profile and deep heel cup keeps natural padding where it belongs and promotes natural spine alignment.

5. Shock Absorbing Sole
Flexible, durable, lightweight, shock resistant and replaceable.

6. Jute Fibers
Two layers. One wicks away moisture, the other adds strength and makes resoling easy.

7. Cork Footbed
Firm, resilient cork/latex base gives your feet the support they need.

8. Footbed Liner
Soft suede, keeps your feet comfortable and dry.

The Anatomy of Comfort

1. Flexibility
When you walk, your foot flexes to support your body. The Birkenstock sole and cork footbed flex with your feet for comfort with every step. The raised toe bar encourages the natural gripping motion of your feet exercising your legs and increasing circulation.

2. Neutral Heel
Elevated heels cause the body to move out of alignment. With our neutral heel, the body weight is distributed more evenly across the foot and away from the ball of the foot. This encourages a healthy and more natural walking gait and adds to overall stability.

3. Room for Toes
A pointed or narrow toe box can cause discomfort and foot problems. The shape of the Birkenstock contoured footbed allows room for toes to move freely. This room also encourages the toes to flex and grip naturally and is part of the correct alignment for your feet.

4. Contoured Footbed
Our contoured footbed provides firm and orthopedically correct support for your feet. Proper arch support, a deep heel cup and adequate room in the toe area make up the footbed support. The shock absorbing sole is flexible, lightweight, durable and replaceable.

The Anatomy of Comfort




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